Dragon Crusaders


A group of Templar Knights save a village from rampaging pirates but due to a young girl dabbling in black magic they are cursed to become gargoyles.

They must travel to the lair of an evil sorcerer and his gang of dragons to save their souls.  There you go, simple plot, plenty of action and some neat CGI.

The makers of the film have travelled to Wales and have really utlised the beautiful landscapes and ruins to craft a fun and exciting picture.  Sure it’s not got the budget of Reign of Fire or Draghonslayer but what it does have is a fair amount of heart and some terrific spirited performances in particular female fighter Cecily Fay who choreographed all her fight scenes.

A real entertaining 90 minutes and the best film from The Asylum for a while.  I loved the creature design especially. Well done guys, let’s have a sequel and let me visit the set!!

  • Starring Dylan Jones  Cecily Fay  Feth Greenwood  Tony Sams  Shinead Bryne
  • Director Mark Atkins
  • Distributor The Asylum