The Holding


Cassie Naylor runs her farm with the help of old timer Cooper and her two daughters.  In debt, she is offered a lifeline by the sleazy farmer who owns the farm next to her, refusing she is soon aided by a mystery man Aden (Vincent Regan).  Aden is definitely a handyman to have around, fixing things and generally being very helpful.

He says he is an old friend of Cassie’s husband Dean who is no longer around.  Soon Cassie falls for the stranger but her eldest daughter is wary of him.  With his feet firmly under the table Aden soon decides he wants the family for himself.

The Holding is almost a British ‘Stepfather’ with Regan filling the shoes of Terry O’Quinn.  He’s a great psycho and is clearly enjoying the role.  Good support from Kierston Wareing and David Bradley as Cooper as well.  Not very original but bloody good entertainment.

  • Starring Vincent Regan  Kierston Wareing  David Bradley   
  • Director Susan Jacobson
  • Distributor Lionsgate