Vampire in Vegas


Sylvian (Tony Todd) is a vampire who is hundreds of years old and wants to walk in the daylight so he can become Governor.  Meanwhile three friends are setting out on a batchelor party, not knowing their girlfriends are following them to see what they are getting up to.  Throw into the mix, a strip club and two badly acting cops you should have all the ingredients for a great B movie.  Somewhere though it all goes a bit wrong.

Director Jim Wynorski had been churning out films for years (Chopping Mall immediately springs to mind) but with this film he doesn’t quite ‘catch the ball’.  He has assembled a cast of various B movie vets including Delia Sheppard and Paul (Mega Piranha) Logan but for some reason it doesn’t quite work.

The film is not great but it does have a few redeeming qualities.  It has possibly the worst climatic fight in horror film history and also it’s the only film I can recall where the strip clubs feature no nudity, which as far as I am aware is possibly a first in a genre motion picture.

Tony Todd is a great charismatic actor and deserves a hell of lot more.  Thankfully we can see him at his best in Candyman and the Final Destination films.

Great (if unoriginal) idea, but a bad movie.

  • Starring Tony Todd  Brandin Rackley  Paul Logan  Edward Spivak
  • Director Jim Wynorski
  • Distributor Lions Gate