Mongolian Death Worm


Yes that’s right, there is a film called Mongolian Death Worm and I bet you can’t guess what its about?

Treasure hunter and professional rogue Daniel (Sean Patrick Flannery) is on the hunt for the tomb of Genghis Khan and along the way has upset all kinds of people.  Meanwhile at the same time local villagers are dying because of poisoned water.  It doesn’t take too long for everyone to work out that something isn’t quite right especially at the local US built drilling facility.

Daniel comes to the aid of a doctor and her colleague, then the worms start to turn up.  Looking like direct cousins of the ‘graboids’ from Tremor, these worms slither around and eat people whole.

What follows is your standard creature feature, which takes a little while to get going.  Nice CGI on the worm and some great over acting from the cast.  All in all a fun diversion but no way a classic like Tremors.

  • Starring Sean Patrick Flannery  Victoria Pratt  Andrew Stevens
  • Director Steven R. Monroe
  • Distributor Lionsgate