John Carpenter’s The Ward


The film starts when a young woman Kristen is taken to a psychiatric ward after being picked by the police for burning down an isolated farm house.  However the previous occupant of her room is no longer there due to being finished off by a vengeful spirit.

So begins his first film in ten years.  Master of suspense John Carpenter directs an almost all female cast in a clever and very well constructed thriller.  The film has some excellent performances especially from lead Amber Heard and Jared Harris as a creepy doctor with his own agenda.  Quite unsettling in parts and bloody entertaining.
It’s not Carpenter firing on all cylinders (is it possible to top Halloween, Escape from NY, The Thing or The Fog?) but it’s a damn sight better than most of the generic rubbish being put out by studios these days.
  • Starring Amber Heard  Lyndsy Fonseca  Mamie Gummer
  • Director John Carpenter
  • Distributor ARC Entertainment