House of Whipcord / Horror Planet

House of Whipcord is a minor classic from one of my favourite English directors, one Pete Walker.  Walker was responsible for quite a few gems over his directing career but ‘Whipcord’ was certainly one of his best.

The swinging 70’s are well away and if you are female and morally corrupt, you should watch out because it’s likely you will spend some time at the House of Whipcord.  This film is pretty vicious and the treatment of the beautiful young girls is pretty nasty and a little erotic as well (depending on your tastes).  Furthermore Ray ‘Mr Benn’ Brooks is in it as well!!!

A big thumbs up for the great cover art using the slightly censored (the girl has a bra on) original artwork.

  • Starring Barbara Markham  Patrick Barr  Shelia Keith
  • Director Pete Walker
  • Distributor Cheezy Flicks

Horror Planet is a retitling of an early 80’s gem this time from Norman J. Warren.  Originally titled ‘Inseminoid’ it stars some pretty well known faces such as Stephanie Beacham, Victoria Tennant and Judy Geeson.

Well made on a low budget, its not all that original…  alien on the rampage, distant planet etc, etc. but   Warren is a skilled director and you get a very watchable if dated movie.  I saw it when I was at school and although not as ‘brilliant’ as I remember it, Horror Planet is a place worth visiting.

  • Starring Judy Geeson  Robin Clarke
  • Director Norman J. Warren
  • Distributor Cheezy Flicks