Tell Them Willie Boy Is Here


Odeon Entertainment continue their ‘digging’ into cinema’s depths and have unearthed another gem from the western genre.

With a love story in it’s background, ‘Willie Boy’ was made a couple of years after Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and sees Robert Redford on the right side of the law as a Sheriff.

Willie Boy, an indian kills his lover’s Father (in self defence), he makes off and the Sheriff has to put together a posse to track him down.

The film has some excellent photography and is ‘an old fashioned cowboy’ meaning it has all the cliches lovers of this type of movie like.  Redford is terrific as the Sheriff (he won a BAFTA) and the supporting cast are equally as good, in particular Robert Blake as the title character.

Pretty good stuff overall, I liked it but if westerns aren’t your thing stay well clear.

  • Starring Robert Redford  Katherine Ross  Robert Blake
  • Director Abraham Polonsky
  • Distributor Odeon Entertainment