Basically the world has gone mad and all of women have turned into blood thirsty zombies, but with a twist…  They all now behave like strippers and lap dancers!!

This is the story behind Stripperland, a comedy which hasn’t an original bone in it’s body and ‘borrows’ many plot points and situations from a certain successful Hollywood movie.  Don’t let it put you off though, it’s not as good as that movie but it has it’s funny moments and it’s gory.  It’s also got some priceless scenes in particular early on in the film where we stumble upon Daniel Baldwin’s character rapping with some zombies.  The groans and moans the strippers make are terrific.

Not the best film ever, but certainly not the worst.  Not to everyone’s tastes but it was alright and passed away the time.

  • Starring Ben Sheppard  Lloyd Kaufman  Maren McGuire
  • Director Sean Skelding
  • Distributor IMD