Cheezy Trailers

As far as I’m concerned you can’t beat film trailers.  They are a bit of an art form and can either turn you on or off to a film.  We can all say we have seen a trailer and thought that looks good, but turns out to be utter rubbish.  Well these trailer discs from Cheezy Flicks are meant be to be rubbish and believe there are some real stinkers on these discs…. but that’s the point.

Split into genres, sci fi, horror, action, fantasy and exploitation they are literally scores of bad movies to digest and use as a shopping list to seek them out.  Also on the discs are old school style drive in ads and intermissions, being US discs they are in the style the dancing hot dog seen in the back when John Travolta sings ‘Sandy’ in Grease.  What would be nice if on further releases, we get some old Pearl and Dean’s, but if that is your thing go on YouTube there is plenty on there (including the Kia Ora advert).
At only a couple of quid (or dollars) these are simply essential purchases.
  • Starring Various actors (known and unknown)
  • Distributor Cheezy Flicks