The Navy vs. The Night Monsters


When a scientific expedition brings back some plant life from Antarctica, things start going very wrong at a US Naval Base on a remote island.  Made in the mid 1960’s on a no doubt shoestring budget, this movie gives us that old favourite….. weird creatures who kill for no real reason.

The Night Monsters are possibly distant cousins of triffids, probably even related to some old Dr Who monsters  and are about as menacing as a fluffy toy.  However, the way they shuffle around like some OAP is frankly priceless.  It’s a real shame they don’t show up until around the hour mark.  The Naval base is populated by all your favourites, a cool blonde, knowledgeable doctor guy and a cardigan wearing weatherman.  Full of well edited in stock footage, the film is so dire, it’s possibly a work of cinematic genius.  However, no matter how bad the acting gets or even when the camera shakes during a fight scene you have to watch it until the end.

Is your life complete after you watched the film?  Of course not, but how can you not find shuffling killer trees completely irresistible.  A right load of old rubbish, but strangely enjoyable.

  • Starring Mamie Van Doren  Bill Gray  Anthony Eisley
  • Director Michael A. Hoey
  • Distributor Cheezy Flicks