2012 Ice Age


When a glacier hundreds of miles wide breaks off after a volcanic explosion there is only one place for it to go and destroy….. America!!!

Unfortunately for a scientist, his wife and their son they have just packed the daughter off to university in New York.  As everyone knows in disaster movies New York always gets hit hard so they have to travel there to rescue her.   It’s a good job they are a resourceful group, so along the way they use their phone, Sat Nav and blow a few cars up as well to get to their destination.

There are some nice effects and a couple of ropey ones but generally the film has quite a ‘epic’ feel to it, so a big well done to the production team for that.  Oh yes and lots of innocent people bite the dust as well getting squashed by big chunks of ice….. great stuff!!

The film ‘borrows’ many of it’s plot points from other disaster pictures mainly Roland Emmerich’s ‘The Day After Tomorrow’ but hey who cares that film wasn’t that original anyway.  One to see if you like ‘end of the world’ pictures.

  • Starring Patrick Labyorteaux  Julie McCullough  Nick Afanasiev
  • Director Travis Fort
  • Distributor The Asylum