Mega Shark vs. Crocosaurus


Well the shark didn’t die after his battle with the Giant Octopus and is even more ticked off. Meanwhile professional con man and adventurer Nigel Putnam (ex-boxer Gary Stretch) has captured a huge prehistoric crocodile who also happens to be pregnant.  Well you can guess what happen next, Crocosaurus and the Mega Shark square off in various parts of the ocean, destroying cities and coastline along the way.

Puttnam is aided by a shark expert, a secret service agent and the legendary Robert Picardo (Gremlins 2, Inner Space) as Admiral Calvin who wants to kill the shark so he can smoke his expensive cigar!!

To treat this film in any context apart from pure escapism will miss the point entirely.  It’s dopey, gormless and possibly stupider than the original movie but just like that one…..I really enjoyed it.

However, if creature features aren’t your thing just like the original, Sharktopus and others I wouldn’t touch it with a barge pole.  Almost as good in my opinion as Mega Piranha and seeing I have a rather unnatural love for that film, that’s the highest accolade I can give it.

  • Starring Gary Stretch  Jaleel White  Sarah Lieving  Robert Picardo
  • Director Christopher Olen-Ray
  • Disributor Metrodome