200 mph


After the tragic loss of his brother whilst racing the local drug dealer, future college boy Rick takes a bet with the drug dealer to race him in a ‘winner takes all’ where he not only loses his car but the dealer will ‘own’ him as well.

Designed to compliment the ‘Fast and Furious’ series, 200mph probably was made with less than the catering budget of the latest Vin Diesel/Dwayne Johnson.  The street races whilst short and obviously filmed very early in the morning or late at night in various deserted areas are well put together and edited.  Sure there is a little bit of CGI in there and have been speeded up, but what racing film hasn’t been?

The main leads are likeable with Hennely Jimenez being a bit of a stand out as mechanic Kelly and Darren Thomas suitably nasty as drug dealer Kayce.  In a small role, Asylum regular Paul Logan turns up as a bent cop and gets a few laughs along the way.  A big thumbs up to the film makers who manage to cram in various scenes at a strip club complete with gratuitous lap dances and nudity to help the plot along….. Genius!!!

Overall pretty standard fare but definitely watchable, but not suitable for the kids as there is a lot of bad language and boobs, although I myself have no issues with that.

  • Starring Jaz Martin  AnnaMaria Demara  
  • Director Cole McKay
  • Distributor The Asylum