Almighty Thor

The evil demon lord, Loki is trying to seize control of Asgard.  Step forward Odin played by wrestling legend Kevin ‘Diesel’ Nash with a tremendous booming deep voice.  However things don’t quite go to plan and Odin’s youngest son, Thor has to defeat Loki and safe Asgard from a living hell.
It would be difficult not to mention a certain Kenneth Branagh directed film when reviewing this title but the film are essentially two different beasts.  Sure, there are parts of the two movies that are similar but when you have films based on legends of old you are going to get some bits that are the same.
This Thor however is a young ‘wannabe’ who has to grow up very quickly in order to save Asgard and the Earth. Saying that though Cody Deal is great as Thor and looks the part.  Perhaps slightly longer blonde hair but I would think Marvel’s lawyers might have come knocking at The Asylum’s door.  The cast is rounded out by Patricia (The Mummy) Velasquez and Richard Grieco.  As Loki, Grieco doesn’t do a lot apart from a couple of fights and look menacing but he looks like he is having a right old laugh playing the bad guy.  We have a couple of nasty creatures rampaging around but I did miss the old Asylum T-Rex!!!  Only real gripe about the SFX was some dodgy digital matte work at the beginning otherwise it was all pretty darn good.
An entertaining and fun time to be had by all.  Roll on a sequel and why not?
  • Starring Cody Deal  Kevin Nash  Richard Grieco  Patricia Velasquez
  • Director Christopher Douglas Olen-Ray (Son of Fred Olen-Ray, legendary B movie director)
  • Distributor The Asylum