Demon Empire


Yi Gwak is a master swordsman who after finishing off some nasty flying ogre-types is stitched up by some villagers and finds himself trapped in Mid Heaven.  This is the place where you go when you die and before you go elsewhere….

The thing is Yi Gwak isn’t dead and now has to protect a beautiful woman from the hordes of nasties hellbent on destroying mid heaven.
Korean cinema is certainly producing some real good movies lately, Demon Empire is certainly one of them.  Although it has taken a couple of years to reach these shores it’s been worth the wait.  the film has a cool hero, some great bad guys, wire work and some neat CGI.  We have countless battles done with terrific flair and excellent choreography.
I thoughly enjoyed it and although it adds nothing new to the genre it’s a little gem.
  • Starring Jung-Woo Sung  Kim Tae-Hee
  • Directed by Cho Dong-Oh
  • Distributor Epic Asia (Metrodome)