A Candle For The Devil and The Fiend

Now I am really beginning to like Odeon Entertainment and the people who go throught the archives.  These guys have dug up some real forgotten gems.
A Candle For The Devil is a naughty horror movie set in Spain, complete with lots of excellent 70?s cliches such as our old favourite, nudity and blood.  Judy Geeson is the main star of this one and to be fair, it’s completely bonkers but has a rich atmosphere and plot wise it’s your standard missing girl stuff but executed bloody (pun intended) well by director Eugenio Martin director of one of my favourite films of all time, Horror Express.
  • Starring Judy Geeson  Aurora Bautista
  • Director Eugenio (Gene) Martin
The Fiend however is a different story, totally disregarded on it’s original release it’s one of those films that only us British could produce.  Scary Vicars, weirdos, the list is endless.  The film has a brilliant central performance from Patrick Magee and is supported by the outstanding Tony Beckley as his twisted son.  I do prefer the original title “Beware My Brethren” as “The Fiend” is a bit boring but apart from that I do feel I have a real forgotten classic on my shelf and that’s possibly the best recommendation I can give.
  • Starring Patrick Magee  Ann Todd  Tony Beckley  Suzanna Leigh
  • Director Robert Hartford-Davis
A great ideal double bill to watch at home.  Forget the beer, get down your shops and get yourself a dodgy old hotdog and some Butterkist……..get into the 70?s groove!!!!
  • Both films distributed by Odeon Entertainment