Barbarossa – Siege Lord


Based on the life of real life German Emperor, Barbarossa is an epic production with an international cast telling the story of the feared leader and his conquering of Italy.  The story begins with a young boy stumbling across him when he saves his life on a hunt.  The young boy is handed a dagger as thanks and years later, their crosses path as his city is put under siege from Barbarossa and his army.

It’s certainly nice to see Rutger Hauer back on screen.  The ex Hitcher is simply great in this immensely entertaining middle ages hack ‘em up where he is equally comfortable being a blood thirsty conqueror and a loving husband.  There is plenty of battles with lots of blood flying around and the production oozes a big ‘epic’ feel with first class production values.
It has all been seen before in such films as Braveheart and the recent Ironclad but I found it a great romp and it has a very aggressive surround soundtrack which will certainly make good use of your home cinema set up.
Good stuff, here’s hoping Mr Hauer in Hobo with a Shotgun is as equally good.
  • Starring Rutger Hauer  F. Murrauy Abraham  Raz Degan
  • Director Renzo Martinelli
  • Distributor Metrodome