The Elizabeth Bathory story is quite a blood thirsty tale, perhaps best known for the Hammer classic ‘Countess Dracula’ with Ingrid Pitt.  It’s now time for a version of the story this time starring Anna Friel who first played a killer in ‘Brookside’.

Bathory follows her life as a young girl into the nasty murderer she ended up to be.  Friel portrays her as first as an innocent then as the story unravels into a right old psycho who likes to bathe in blood. .  The film is just oozing in atmosphere with great setpieces, lush production values and it’s nice see to Django himself, Franco Nero back on screen.
The film is somewhat twisted and rather bloody but we are talking of a time where brutal acts were the norm.  Certainly one to watch if you like your horror a bit ‘arty’ and historical.  Mind you if your idea of horror is Scream or Saw, I would best skip this.
  • Starring Anna Friel  Franco Nero  Vincent Regan
  • Directed by Juraj Jakubisko
  • Distributor Metrodome