Posse from Hell


For people who don’t know Audie Murphy (the star of this film and countless other westerns) was a real life World War II hero who became an actor.  Posse From Hell is your standard Hollywood western where a group of men go after a bunch of bank robbers who also dabble in a bit of kidnapping.

Murphy is supported by John Saxon (who would later take on Freddy Krueger) and Vic Morrow.  The print that Odeon have released from Universal is simply superb.  For what is a B movie Western from the early sixties, the picture is clean and the soundtrack is clear and concise.
Now as regards to whether you would want it in your collection, that is a decision only you can make.  If good old fashioned westerns is your thing go for it.  If your exposure to ‘cowboys’ is the recent remake of True Grit maybe it’s best to avoid until you should aquire a taste for the ‘old days’.
Murphy is a terrific cowboy and many of his films are available so try them out if you liked Posse From Hell.  My Dad is a real western fan (you should see his DVR, it’s full of them) and he enjoyed it.  Good entertainment from a day gone by with loads of gunfights and bad guys biting the dust.  Odeon are a company who are releasing some real gems, check out their website for more of their releases.
  • Starring Audie Murphy  Vic Morrow  John Saxon
  • Director Herbert Coleman
  • Distributor Odeon