Anneliese: The Exorcist Tapes


With Paranormal Activity and it’s sequel making a lot of money there has been quite an influx of ‘haunting’ and ‘possession’ films of late.  Some are shot like conventional horror pictures and others are the ‘CCTV’ type.  This film is the latter.  Based around a real life account in Germany, The Asylum have claimed to have been given the footage of those events…. yeah right!!

However with their usual ‘flair’ and I mean that loosely they have produced a fairly competent production.  In all honesty, the film hasn’t got an original bone in it’s body and rips off a certain Friedkin/Blatty classic within minutes.  It’s all done in ‘period’ with a 4:3 ratio mirroring the old style camera footage and quality 70?s clothes and decor.
The real life account of Annelise can easily be found on the internet and makes interesting reading.  This film is all a bit hokey but I quite enjoyed although I did prefer The Asylum’s previous ‘Gacy House’ released in the UK as ‘Paranormal Entity 2?.
The film real star is the actor playing the German doctor complete with ‘Allo Allo’ comedy accent and possibly a comedy beard.
All in all, not bad not if you can’t stand this sort of horror movie stay well away, it won’t convert you.
  • Distributor The Asylum