Virgin Witch

Christine and Betty are two young sisters (Anne and Vicki Michelle) who have moved to London in search of fame and fortune. Stumbling into a model job, the two sisters go to a country mansion for a fashion shoot.  Shifty agent, Sybil has other ideas apart from taking a shine to young Christine in ‘the you know what’ fashion (this is a 70’s film) she also wants her for her witches coven.

The film is certainly a product of it’s time, with an unbelievable amount of nudity from the film’s two leads.  It seems both of them spend more time without clothes then with, it does help that the two real life sisters are very attractive so I have no issues there.  As well as all the boobs and bums, we get an atmospheric score and for a low budget film two very well done witchcraft  ceremonies.  It’s a bit of a slow burner for the first half an hour or so and is rescued by the last 45 minutes when all the witchery stuff happens.  With all this going on, it’s a real surprise that the people behind the scenes are the creator of ‘Crossroads’ and ITV’s World of Wrestling with Big Daddy and Giant Haystacks.

Did I enjoy it?  most certainly yes.  Will you enjoy it?  It all depends whether you appreciate very British 70?s horror with more than a splash of nudity.  It’s all very camp, but entertaining in a rubbishy way.  I think I’ll pop it on my shelf next to The Vampire Lovers.

  • Starring Vicki Michelle   Anne Michelle  Patricia Haynes
  • Director Ray Austin
  • Distributor Odeon