Titanic II


Lets get this out of the way first, this is not a sequel to the over rated James Cameron film and it does not star Leonardo DiCaprio returning as the ghost of Jack to haunt Kate Winslet’s Rose.  Personally I would like to see Billy Zane’s character turn psycho and hunt down Rose wth the help of a resurrected zombie David Warner, hang on a minute that sounds like a great movie…..

Titanic II is the name of the new ship from master ship builder Walsh played by Shane Van Dyke.  Unlike his Grandfather Dick, Shane certainly won’t be ‘having a “jolly ‘oliday with Mary” on this ship!   After ice collapses in Greenland, a massive tsunami heads towards the ship on it’s maiden voyage.
As you would expect the ship is hit and begins to sink.  History is repeating itself 100 years later.  On board is Walsh’s ex-girlfriend who conveniently needs rescuing (to add some drama) as do lots of other disposable cast members.  Trying to get there on time is a lone helipcopter with a captain of the coastguard and a scientist on board hoping to save the day.
The movie has some terrific production values and some good lead performances from Van Dyke (who also writes and directs) Bruce Davison and Brooke Burns.  The effects of the ship sinking look good and there are some nice cruel deaths which go down well (pardon the pun) in a disaster flick.
A great little film along the lines of ‘The Posiedon Adventure’ and considering what Van Dyke achieved on a low budget I would like to see what he can do with his next picture.
  • Starring Brooke Burns  Bruce Davison  Marie Westbrook  Shane Van Dyke
  • Directed by Shane Van Dyke
  • The Asylum Home Entertainment