The Scar Crow


Now here’s a nice change, a British horror which isn’t a slasher or a zombie picture…. how refreshing.

Starting with a Witchfinder General style beginning, The Scar Crow switches to the present day and four work colleagues are on a team building exercise at an outward bound centre.  Dropped in the middle of nowhere, they stumble onto a small farm where they are greeted by three sisters.
It is revealed earlier that the sisters are witches and have long been victims of a curse.  The film is peppered with some excellent gore in particular one sequence towards the end of the picture, which is simply great and brilliantly executed on a low budget.   What’s nice about this film is that is British and doesn’t attempt to be anything else but a British set horror film.  We have some terrific cringeworthy ‘lads’ banter from the four friends and the three witches all speak in old fashioned terms.  Thumbs up to the people in the pub with some great country accents…. ooooo arrr!!!
The film isn’t perfect, but if you take it at face value it’s a good 80 minutes or so of creepy fun.  Gore, crude humour, good atmosphere, buxom wenches….what’s not to like?
  • Starring Kevyn Connett  Gabrielle Douglas  Mike Peel  Tim Major
  • Directed by Andy Thompson and Pete Benson
  • Distributor Metrodome