Trancers – The Cult Classic Trilogy

Jack Deth (possibly one of cinema’s coolest names ever) is a Trancer hunter.  Trancers are human beings changed into killing machines by Martin Whistler a sort of cult leader trying to bring down society.  It turns out Whistler has travelled back in time to 20th century LA and Jack must go after him.  A terrific twist on the tried and tested time travel genre is that Jack doesn’t back in time in a vehicle such as a TARDIS but down his own genetic line and ‘jumps’ into the body of a distant relative.  Suffice to say Jack to save the day and get the girl (a pre fame Helen Hunt)

In Part 2, Jack has to confront Whistler’s brother played by veteran bad guy, Richard Lynch and his cronies including Jeremy Combs and also face the fact tha his dead wife is now alive in one of her relative’s bodies.
In Part 3, the trancers are back and this time Jack is helped by an android called Shark.
Trancers and it’s sequels do not have the budget of Star Wars or Back to the Future, but have over the years garnered cult status because they are imaginative, at times very funny (some not intentional) well made and have in my my opinion one of the genre’s best ever characters in Jack Deth brilliantly played by Tim Thomerson.
It would be nice to see Parts 4,5 & 6 released next along with the unseen footage of the ‘original’ Part 2 from Empire Pictures’ cancelled Pulse Pounders movie.  Come on Echo Bridge go and ask Charles Band for the footage and put it on the disc.  That would be amazing!!!
  • Starring Tim Thomerson  Helen Hunt (1,2,3)  Megan Ward (2 & 3)
  • Directed by (Part 1 & 2) Charles Band  (Part 3)   C.Courtney Joyner
  • Distributor Echo Bridge Home Entertainment