Frightmare and Die Screaming Marianne

Right, I will cut straight to the chase.  Normally I won’t review two films in the same review but today I will make an exception.  Also I will let you all know that I am a serious Pete Walker fan and have been a fan since the days I saw ‘The Comeback’ on Betamax.
Firstly, Die Screaming Marianne is the oldest of the two and stars Susan George and Barry ‘Mind Your Language’ Evans.  ’Marianne’ is a neat little thriller set mainly in Portugal and has a couple of little twists and turns involving that old chestnut, warring family members.  Obviously as it was made in the early seventies, the film is definately a product of his time but Walker has a knack of getting good value for his small budgets and this film is no exception.
Die Screaming Marianne also has possibly one of 70?s greatest title sequences ever with a terrific soundtrack, well done Mr Walker.
Now onto ‘Frightmare’….
Our film begins by a very familar face known to millions as a Spanish waiter and also the fellow who caused a certain Jonathan Ross some problems.  Murdered, the film cuts to the culprits being sentenced.  Now things really get interesting.  The film is certainly pretty twisted and Walker’s ever dependable leading lady Shelia Keith is simply wonderful.  Keith would go onto make other films with Walker but this one I feel is her best.  It’s quite gory and disturbing but surely thats a recommendation!!
I have intentially not revealed too much about the films as the best way to enjoy them is together.  Imagine them as a double bill at your local ABC, arm yourself with some popcorn, a carton of Kia Ora and enjoy two little minor classics.
Lets hope Odeon pick up some more Walker films, personally I would love to see Tiffany Jones.
  • Both films directed by Pete Walker
  • Die Screaming Marianne stars Susan George and Barry Evans
  • Frightmare stars Shelia Keith and Rupert Davies
  • Distributed by Odeon Entertainment