The Tournament


Every seven years or so, the world’s greatest assassins descend on a city for the ultimate test… who is the best at what they do. Watched by various millionaires and dubious characters (who bet on who’s going to win) they fight it out until one is left standing.  All conveniently shown on CCTV for their viewing pleasure.

Joshua (Ving Rhames) is the current champion and is seriously in a bad mood due to the fact that the individual who killed his wife is taking part in the contest.  Add also a beautiful ass kicker played by Kelly Hu, LOST’s Ian Somerhalder, Robert Carlyle playing a drunken priest, Liam Cunningham playing the evil controller of the game and who have a pretty varied cast.
Suffice to say, the film is full of explosions, fights, gun play and a great chase involving a bus and a lorry.  What’s nice to see is that debuting director Scott Mann certainly knows his action films and pulls off some great set pieces utlising his cast’s skills.
The film isn’t that original but it is a incredibly entertaining hour and a half, full of violence and with good performances especially from Kelly Hu (why isn’t she in more?) and Ian Somerhalder stealing the entire film as a sociopathic scumbag who shoots innocent strippers!
  • Starring Ving Rhames  Kelly Hu  Robert Carlyle  Ian Somerhalder
  • Directed by Scott Mann
  • Distributor Entertainment