Lake Placid 3


The local wildlife ranger’s son is feeding the crocodiles who survived part two with various meaty treats from the freezer so they are beginning to grow.  Needless to say they soon want more than some frozen meat from the local supermarket and start chomping on the locals.

So when they realise the crocs are back (never really gone away!!) the ranger and the sheriff (Michael Ironside) set off to hunt them down.  Throw in a hunter and her cronies, some hiking teenagers and you have a nice varied bunch to be lined up and eaten.
Lake Placid 3 is no classic, I can assure you, but it is fairly entertaining piece of rubbish with some passable acting from familar faces such as Ironside and Hard Target’s Yancy Butler.  Also thrown into the mix is British soap star Roxanne Pallet as one of the first victims who performs a full frontal nude scene (wonder what they would say down The Woolpack about that).  The CGI crocs sometimes look good and sometimes really bad but the film makers have decided to make the film full of blood and guts so well done there.
The unrated version released by Sony is certainly more fun than the version showing on SyFy as it has lots more blood and nudity. So if you want your movies packed with gore and boobs go for the DVD release.  It’s much better than the diabolical part two.
  • Starring Colin Ferguson  Michael Ironside  Kirsty Mitchell
  • Director GE Furst
  • Distributor Sony