The Stepfather (2009)


Although I am not a massive fan of remakes (Psycho) some are worth the effort (TCM and Dawn of the Dead) spring to mind, I was worried when Joseph Ruben’s brilliant ‘The Stepfather’ was lined up for a ‘re-imagining’.  Terry (John Locke from LOST) O’Quinn’s portrayal of a madman after the perfect family in my opinion is up there with the best, so how does Dylan Walsh get on in the new version.

Pretty darn good is my opinion, the film takes all the iconic bits from the original, some of the one liners, the shaving of the beard, the contact lenses and the opening family slaughter and takes off in a new direction. Although it’s still the same old Stepfather a bigger family is thrown into the mix this time.  Hooking up pretty quickly with divorced Mom (Sela Ward) he tries to mould his new family into his own view of the perfect unit.
When comparing it to the original it really has no chance, however as a film on its own its pretty entertaining with some good chills and thrills.
Special mention must go however to the film makers who managed to keep the lovely Amber Heard in a bikini and skimpy dress throughout the entire film – now that’s a really nice special effect!!
  • Directed by Nelson McCormick
  • Starring Dylan Walsh, Sela Ward, Penn Badgley and Amber Heard
  • Sony Pictures Home Entertainment