8213 Gacy House


Blair Witch has a lot to answer for.  There have been countless rip off’s and now we have another one disguised as ‘real footage’ and actually based around a real life person, serial killer John Wayne Gacy.

The original house of Gacy’s murders has been demolished and a new one built in it’s place.  It has been abandoned by it’s new owners so some paranormal investigators move in.  Shot all by static security type cameras and handheld video, the film is a compilation of footage showing their demise apparently at the hands of evil spirits.
The film has some good atmopshere built up and is obviously very low in budget and it shows.  This however works to its advantage and with some half decent performances from the actors makes for a pretty tense (at times) 85 minutes.  Apart from a lot of arguing, shouting, swearing and moving around not very much happens for quite a while then the crazy stuff starts and the final act of the film is extremely well done and edited.
Saying that it is all real is now getting a little boring in these types of films but the DVD comes with a short documentary on it which continues the ‘legend’ and contains a couple of funny in-jokes from the film makers.  Not bad, but don’t go near it if you can’t stand these type of movies.
  • Directed by Anthony Fankhauser
  • Footage Courtesy of the Des Plaines Police Department