2012: Supernova


A star has died and the aftermath, a supernova is hurtling towards earth destroying parts of our solar system.   Mankind has to do something and its up to a top scientist played by Brian Krause to step up to the podium.

Awoken in the early morning he is summoned to a military base to begin prepping to save the earth.  His wife and daughter are left behind and have to survive all kinds of disasters (tornadoes and exploding tankers) to make their way to the base.
You can’t beat a good end of the world thriller and although director Anthony Fankhauser’s film has a very small budget, there is lots of imagination abound which shows up on screen which should make the film makers quite proud of themselves.  The acting on whole isn’t bad although some of the supporting characters are as wooden as Pinocchio.
All in all, a reasonable passing of 90 minutes and unlike the afore mentioned ‘epic’ from Mr Emmerich doesn’t outstay it’s welcome.  Special mention though must go to the lecherous hick who lives in the desert, his acting is shocking but the delivery of his lines is completely priceless.
  • Directed by Anthony Fankhauser
  • Starring Brian Krause, Heather McComb and Najarra Townsend
  • The Asylum Home Entertainment