#1 Cheerleader Camp

It seems a lifetime away since I first saw ‘Porky’s’ well at least 25 years ago.   So when I watched the first 20 minutes or so of this latest smutty comedy I was back in the 80?s!!

Now believe me this movie isn’t a patch on the afore mentioned film or the first couple of ‘American Pie’ films but it does exactly what it sets out to do….i.e.  lots of female nudity, innuendos, bad taste gags and a couple of likeable leads.
Michael and Andy are the two handymen at Cheerleader Camp whose job is to maintain the camp to a good standard. Now what that means is basically Andy being the lecherous individual he is uses every opportunity to leer at the cheerleaders wherever they are.
The predictable wafer thin plot is stolen straight from ‘Bring It On’ where cheerleading team, The Beavers want to win the national contest and beat the snobby Cheetahs.  Sprinkle that with female nudity (did I mention it already?) of the north and south variety, strippers and a running joke throughout the film of Andy’s new fad diet.
Did I like the movie, well yeah as a throwback to times gone by it was great.  Certainly not a waste of time as a ‘beer and pizza’ movie and definately not one to watch with your parents or your girlfriend.  If you don’t like this kind of film stay well clear because some gags could be found very offensive.  I personally found it all quite charming.
Fair play to Charlene (Lucy in Dallas) Tilton for starring as herself and thoughly hamming it right up!!
0/10  If you don’t like this kind of entertainment
5/10  For some enjoyable filth with a couple of pretty gross moments
  • Starring  Seth Cassell  Jay Gillespie  Erica Duke
  • Directed by Mark Quod
  • Asylum Home Entertainment