Wrong Side of Town


Bobby played by legendary wrestler Rob Van Dam gets invited along with his wife to a club by his new neighbour.  Unfortunately the owner of the club, Seth is a unpleasant fellow who deals in drugs and murders people who cross him.  His brother is equally nasty and is usually high on drugs.  When Seth’s brother attacks Bobby’s wife, he is accidentally killed in self defense.  This sets up the plot which is set over one night in the’wrong side of town’.

Seth puts a hit out on Bobby and the city’s gangs set out to capture him.  Gang members include  Nelson Frazier Jr (Viscera/Big Daddy V) in the WWE and rapper Ja Rule.  Bobby needs help so he goes to seek out his old army buddy played by David (Batista from the WWE) Bautista.
This sets the tone for loads of violence, swearing, shooting and rap music on the soundtrack.  Van Dam isnt’t the world’s greatest actor and to be fair is a little wooden.  He does however fight well and looks in good shape.  Bautista who turned nasty before leaving the WWE, has a ball in his scenes cracking heads and shooting people.  Lets hope the WWE puts him in an acion lead with one of their films.
All in all, not too bad at all.  Worth watching if you like low’ish budget action flicks but if any of the above doesn’t do it for you, please stay away.  Also it’s not really suitable for kids regardless of the WWE connection as it’s a strong ’15?.
  • Directed by David DeFalco
  • Starring Rob Van Dam, David Bautista and Ja Rule
  • E1 Entertainment