Jess (Melissa George) is invited for a day trip on a friend’s yacht on the waters of Florida.  The day is ruined by a massive storm which destroys and capsizes the boat.  Suddenly by chance a large liner passes and the survivors climb aboard.

If you think things couldn’t get any worse, they do.  Not long after boarding all the survivors except Jess are murdered by a sack wearing nutter.
To tell anymore would be spoiling a film with more twists and turns than a country lane.  George performs well and proves the Australian school of soap acting have brought another half decent talent into films.  The unknown supporting cast do well and director Christopher Smith with his own script brings a good old fashioned mystery with some nice LOST style twists.  Contrary to what others say I wouldn’t class this as a horror movie but more along the lines of a good nail biting thriller.
  • Starring Melissa George
  • Directed by Christopher Smith
  • Icon Home Entertainment