The Horseman


Christian is a good family man who loves his daughter, but she is found dead full of drugs.  Suddenly in the post, Christian receives a porn film starring his daughter.  Determined to find out who is responsible he first pays a visit to the video distributor…

The Horseman is possibly one of the most brutal films released in recent memory.  The violence is either implied or gruesomely shown on screen.  In all fairness, the only people who die are vile scumbags who deserve all they get and boy, go they get it.
Christian being a pest controller has a variety of handy tools of the trade to use.  He sprays one guy with flamable liquid and then lights a match, probably the most merciful killing and that’s at the beginning of the film!  On his mission he picks up a young girl at a truck stop and they form a bond.  She has no idea what Christian is up to as he goes about his business.
Christian is played brilliantly by Peter Marshall and you really feel for his tortured soul as the film progresses.  As I said above the film is extremely violent so please don’t even consider it if brutal violence isn’t your thing.  It’s not almost comedic violence like ‘Hostel’ but more of a modern day Death Wish.  It’s stronger than Charlie Bronson (and I’m a massive fan) could ever do.
All in all, not a film you could say is entertaining but one that is superbly made and deserves to be seen.
  • Directed by Steven Kastrissios
  • Starring Peter Marshall and Caroline Marohasy
  • Kaleidoscope Home Entertainment