Meteor Apocalypse


Talk about starting on a depressive note.  We know nothing of an impending gigantic meteor heading towards earth, so all the world’s nuclear countries aim their missiles at them to destroy it.  It doesn’t work and the fragments start to hurtle to earth and the big one will arrive in a few days.

One such meteor lands in a lake and poisons the water supply.  People start dropping like flies and water specialist David (Joe Lando) may have an antidote.  Unfortunately his wife and daughter (who is sick from the water) have been taken off to quarantine. Heading off to find them he saves the life of a young girl (Cooper Harris) and they try to make their way to LA along the way avoiding meteors and dudes on quad bikes after fresh water.
Made by The Asylum for their Faith Films division, the film has nice little effects and looks a bit more expensive than their last ‘end of the world’ thriller 2012 Supernova.  I personally quite enjoyed it and in a sick way entertaining when cars, people and buildings bit the dust thanks to a trusty meteor.
  • Directed by Micho Rutare
  • Starring Joe Lando, Cooper Harris and Claudia Christian
  • Faith Films