A nice little sci fi chiller in the spirit of Event Horizon with a bit of Aliens and Resident Evil thrown in.

The earth is a mess so the world’s leader reach out into space.  They intend to travel to a planet capable of sustaining human life.  All the astronauts and would-be settlers are in hyper sleep.  Two of them (Dennis Quaid and Ben Foster) wake up and thats where the fun begins.
The ship is infested by creatures who look like relatives of the ‘Wrong Turn’ in-bred’s and Foster assisted by some other survivors has to reach the ship’s reactor to save the day.
The film has excellent production values, some nice effects, gory when it has to be and although not original, pure escapism.  Quaid gets a big thumbs up for his manic performance near the end of the film.
  • Directed by Christian Alvart
  • Starring Dennis Quaid, Ben Foster and Antje Traue
  • Icon Home Entertainment