Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes


Make no mistake this is not Guy Richie’s big budget epic with Robert Downey Jr. but a small scale picture shot in Wales with an unknown as Holmes and Ianto himself from Torchwood Gareth David-Lloyd playing Watson.

Now this Holmes is not a brawler like Downey Jr. but a slightly eccentric camp version which initially annoyed the hell out of me. About ten minutes or so into the film I really started liking Ben Syder as Holmes.  This Holmes uses his brains rather than his fists and is on top form looking at the little things that form a clue.
The plot is totally barking mad and features a dinosaur, a flying dragon, a giant squid and a groovy original Iron Man-like suit (a homage perhaps to the other ‘new’Holmes).  With low budget legends The Asylum travelling to Wales and filming it there, rather like last year’s Merlin it adds a little ‘class’ to the proceedings rather their usual LA locations.
It’s like no other Sherlock Holmes movie before and a million miles away from Jeremy Brett, Basil Rathbone or Peter Cushing.  If anything it’s nearest cinematic cousin is Young Sherlock Holmes with both film’s ‘fantastic’ elements.
Some of the effects are a bit ropy and the Asylum T-Rex turns up again.  However, I can’t help but really like this film for what it is – a bit of harmless fun.
  • Directed by Rachel Lee Goldenberg
  • Starring Gareth David-Lloyd, Ben Syder and Dominic Keating
  • The Asylum Home Entertainment