Pulse (1988)

When his parents divorced young David Rockland stayed in Colorado with his Mother but this summer he’s spending it with his Dad (and new wife) in Los Angeles.  After flyingRead More

Demons / Demons 2 4K

It’s 1980’s Berlin and there’s a special preview of a new film being shown at a local cinema.  The tickets are being handed out by a rather sinister chap inRead More

Willy’s Wonderland

When his tyres are shredded by police spikes Nicolas Cage (whose character remains unnamed) is offered the chance to work off the debt of his repair bill by cleaning upRead More

Wrong Turn (2021)

It’s hard to believe that the original Wrong Turn starring Eliza Dushku came out in 1993 then five DTV sequels of varying quality followed.  The original writer Alan B. McElroyRead More

Land of the Dead

With zombies big business at the box office in 2004 (Dawn and Shaun of the Dead) the same studio Universal persuaded the late George A. Romero to come back toRead More


After a loss in an MMA fight Katrinia takes to the road but after her car breaks down she gets picked up by a passer-by who offers to take herRead More

The Ice Cream Truck

The American suburbs, neatly tendered lawns and families going about their everyday business with the Ice Cream truck, a regular fixture on the streets selling good old fashioned cones, cupsRead More